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Richard Kirby, Executive Career Consultant
Richard and Robin Kirby

DID YOU KNOW? People who use a career professional find jobs 15% to 46% faster than those who don't, per the Wall Street Journal.

DID YOU KNOW? 90%+ of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates, yet most job seekers waste valuable time writing and re-writing their resumes. You are far more likely to be found on LinkedIn than on a job or resume board!

DID YOU KNOW? Over 75% of all jobs are found through personal connections, yet most job seekers invest little time in personal networking. Imagine what you could achieve if you became a great networker?

About Us

Our Mission
Richard and Robin Kirby founded Executive Impact, Inc. for the purpose of assisting individuals in their self-directed career quests. Our mission is to create wealth and happiness for our clients via intelligent, informed career strategies not taught at Harvard Business School or other universities. We are expert consultants and seek to provide sophisticated strategies that go beyond the limits of most career counselors and career coaches. Click here to view a brief introductory video.

Richard Kirby, CMC, CPC
After earning a B.S. in electrical engineering and achieving certification as a Registered Professional Engineer, Richard began a unique self-directed career in which he chose to move from engineering to human resources to marketing and to sales. Since 2002, he has been a full time career consultant (coach) to C-level and mid-level managers seeking improvements in their careers.

Richard's expertise includes career assessments, goals definition, self-marketing strategies, business networking, strategic interviewing, and compensation negotiations. Richard is a member of the Georgia Career Development Association, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the Institute of Management Consultants. For more info see Richard's LinkedIn profile, especially the 20+ client recommendations.

Robin Kirby, Ph.D., AcCHT, CLC

After earning an M.A. in education, Robin began a unique self-directed career journey in which she chose to move from public education to building construction to private education to life coaching and psychology. Since 2004, she has been a full time coach/therapist to a wide range of individuals, couples, and families in her private practice.

Robin's expertise includes psychological assessment, interpersonal communcations (including body language and rapport building), personal coaching, marriage advisement, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. For more information see the website for Robin's practice.

Together, Richard and Robin offer a unique and highly effective synergy of capabilities not available in other career services firms.

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