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What Color is Your Career?

Here are some of the 20th Century myths that may be holding you back in your career or job search, noted with chapter numbers from Richard's book:

1. Attitude: Attitude is important, but most can "fake it until they make it."

2. Beliefs: Many talented people struggle due to age, gender, race, etc.

3. Career Options: Finding what I want to be when I grow up is a long and difficult process.

6. Resumes: A great resume is critical to career success.

8. Recruiters: Recruiters and employment firms help people find jobs.

12. Networking: Group networking, is a great strategy for jump starting each new job search.

14. Interviewing: The best candidate gets the job.

15. Career Coaches: Any competent person can manage their career. Getting help is for wimps.

18. The Big Lie: Get a good education, pick a stable employer, do good work, and you will be rewarded!

Helpful Career Resources

First, we want to discourage you from "following the crowd" and sinking too much of your time and money into the "Big Three" time wasters of most career seekers:

  • Going back to school, consuming $$$$ education
  • Attending group networking meetings and hoping
  • Spending the majority of your time applying for posted jobs
  • Are you aware that, at 8.1%, unemployment in Georgia is the highest of the 50 states plus the District Of Columbia? Yes, Georgia ranks dead last... 51 of 51 ... as of September, 2014.

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    Recommended Books:
    FAST TRACK YOUR JOB SEARCH (and CAREER!) by Richard Kirby

    SuperNetworking by Michael Salmon
    How to Land Your Dream Job (skip chapters 12-15 and 40) by Jeffrey J. Fox
    The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
    The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

    Recommended Career Assessments (Low cost, but not free):
    Take the Campbell Interest and Skills Survey (CISS) - to identify your career interests and skills.
    Take the MAPP Assessment (career seeker) - to identify your career motivations.
    Take the DiSC behavior assessment - to identify your natural behavior style. NOTE: Scroll down, specify item # EC2, and click ADD TO CART.

    Company Research Resources:
    Dun & Bradstreet"s MDD (best) or Reference USA at libraries
    www.hoovers.com on line
    www.finance.yahoo.com on line
    www.vault.com on line
    www.glassdoor.com on line
    www.payscale.com on line
    www.salary.com on line

    Niche Job Boards for specific industries and professions:

    CLICK HERE for niche job boards excerpt from Fast Track Your Job Search (and Career!)

    Considering Changing Professions? 300 Highest Rated Jobs:
    13,800 people in a wide range of jobs ranked them - CLICK HERE
    Top 10 Dying Industries 2000-2010:
    (You may want to consider developing a strategy to move out of these without losing income)
    Wired telecom carriers DOWN 54.9%
    Mills DOWN 50.2%
    Newspaper publishing DOWN 35.9%
    Apparel manufacturing DOWN 77.1%
    DVD, game and video rental DOWN 35.7%
    Manufactured home dealers DOWN 73.7%
    Video postproduction services DOWN 24.9%
    Record stores DOWN 76.3%
    Photofinishing DOWN 69.1%
    Formal wear and costume rental DOWN 35%