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Professionals & Executives

Through our work together, this client broke through the $200K annual income ceiling that had been limiting him for years.

Experienced professionals and executives, many with MBAs, choose to work with us because they understand that nowhere in their academic education or professional work experience were they mentored in career planning and job search skills.

We provide expert consulting services to educate and support our clients in developing their career plans and conducting strategic job changes on their own terms.

Our strategic career programs are an investment in your greatest asset - yourself.

... and in your greatest opportunity - your future.

M.C.A. - Master of CAREER Administration

"The skills to DO a job and to GET a job are not the same."

The CEO of GOOGLE comments on coaching:

Whether you have an M.B.A. or not, your education and work experience are great credentials. BUT, with three job seekers for every available job, many people in today's hypercompetitive job market find their education and experience insufficient to gain the career they desire.

You may be a highly effective business leader. BUT, stepping into the role of career planner and job seeker is foreign to most professionals and executives.

To succeed in today's job market, you need a strategic competitive advantage. We will help you MAXIMIZE your career options and SELL your abilities by:

  • Defining clear objectives that are attainable and will provide you income, happiness, etc.
  • Verbalizing your unique differentiators that set you apart from your competition
  • Focusing your efforts on those employers where you can demonstrate and develop your abilities
  • Appealing to interviewers with a wide range of personalities and communications styles
  • Negotiating your best deal - income, work/life balance, benefits, etc.
  • After "graduating" from one of our career programs, you will have more than book knowledge and work experience. You will have life skills that will help you for the rest of your life, so you can take control of your career and find better jobs with better companies.

    Our job search and career management effectiveness programs are specifically designed to get you focused on clear goals, ramp up your marketability and get your career on a faster track ... so you can fully utilize your abilities and have the career you imagined when you completed your college education.

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