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In today's job market, your education is necessary but many times not sufficient to gain the job and career you desire. There are currently three job seekers for every available job.

What can you do about it? - Get the strategic career and job search skills they didn't teach in college, so you can capture THE RIGHT JOB AND $$$$ FOR YOU.

Our career programs are an investment in your greatest assets - yourself and your lifelong earning potential.

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Twenty-Something Careering

"The skills to DO a job and to GET a job are not the same."

The CEO of GOOGLE comments on coaching...

Your college degree(s) is a great credential, but in one of the most ferociously competitive job markets since World War 2 (despite what the national unemployment rate may indicate) it may not be sufficient to get your career off the launching pad and into the professional orbit you desire in a timely manner.

You recognize that this is not your mother's (or your father's) job market. The old formula of getting a college education and conducting a traditional job search simply is not working for many twenty-somethings. For that matter,the old formula is also not working for experienced professionals and executives!

If what you are doing in your career serach is not working, you know you need a new plan. One that works!

To succeed in today's job market you need to MAXIMIZE your options and SELL your abilities by:

  • Defining clear objectives that are attainable and will provide you income, happiness, etc.
  • Verbalizing your unique differentiators that set you apart from your competition
  • Focusing your efforts on those employers where you can demonstrate and develop your abilities
  • Appealing to interviewers with a wide range of personalities and communications styles
  • Negotiating your best deal - income, work/life balance, benefits, etc.
  • Transitioning into your new job and employer in an effective manner
  • Our job search and career management effectiveness programs are specifically designed to get you focused on clear goals,ramp up your marketability, and get your career on a faster track ... so you can fully utilize your abilities and have the career you imagined when you completed your college education.

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