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Thank you for the one hundred and twenty linear feet of great craftsmanship provided for the exotic wood vanities and cabinetry in our master bath, dressing area and closets. “This is no do-it-yourself job”


Thank you so much for the magnificent work you did in our Master Bath.

From our first meeting when you asked what we wanted, when we said, “what would you like to do that you’ve never done? Through our completion, we were impressed with your splendid imagination, cooperation and professionalism. We felt that was key for a person to come into our house. When we got the pieces in one-by-one and as the finished work was taking shape, our excitement grew. And now that we have had a chance to live with it, we could not possibly be happier with our “one of a kind” work of the highest level of craftsmanship. You truly put yourself into the work; we can see your unique personality in our 14’ wall-to-wall, 8’ floor-to-ceiling ebony masterpiece. Your ideas were imaginative; setting it off the floor with round turned pedestals supporting round fluted columns, the hidden doors for small items, the translucent glass, the electrical outlets hidden in the drawers, the self closing drawers, that it is 3 distinct pieces that can be easily transferred into other fine pieces of furniture-and they work perfectly. We show it off to all of our friends. Best of luck with many more happy clients.

  • Dressing Room
  • Master Bath